There But Not There 2018

The Chesterfords WW1 Centenary Remembrance Celebrations


There But Not There is a national project marking the Centenary of the end of The Great War to Commemorate, Educate and Heal and ensure the sacrifice of lives is not forgotten.

You may have seen some of our commemorative Tommies around the village telling their individual stories.  These have been purchased through charitable grants and donations from individuals, but we are still fund-raising to achieve our £3000 target to support our villages’ programme of commemoration, culminating on November 10/11 with a range of fun, cultural and religious events.

There are thirty names on the Great and Little Chesterford war memorials of men who died in World War One answering their Country’s call.  We should also remember those men and women of other counties who fought for what they thought was right. 

We share their stories here to allow their names to be remembered.