CHE 300 List of Great Chesterford witches – taken from the Essex Witch Trials
CHE 305 Valerie Taylor’s photographs – the Chesterfords in the 1920s & 70s
CHE 310 Benjamin Orwell farthing token – dated 1667
CHE 325 Chesterford Chronicle 1776-1901 – compiled by Mary Symonds
CHE 326 Churchwardens Account Book 1862-1954
CHE 327 Chesterford Park 1910 – black and white postcard
CHE 328 British Rail Network South East Great Chesterford station sign
CHE 329 Prospectus for Chesterford College
CHE 333 National Agricultural & Rural Workers Union token – found in local garden
CHE 336 Great Chesterford: some light on the history of a village, by M Deacon
CHE 337 All Saints Church in the 19th Century, by M Deacon
The above are the kind of thing we are looking for to add to the local history collection.
If you think you have anything of interest that you might like to donate or allow to be
copied, please get in touch.
To view any of these please contact Kate McManus, Village Recorder
01799 530461